Priorcastleinnvictoria Thumb Support (SINGLE) Metal Spica Splint NON-SWEAT by 4Dflexisport - the ultimate in hypoallergenic non-rash comfort. Reversible left or right one-easy-size fit. UNISEX.:Priorcastleinnvictoria
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Thumb Support (SINGLE) Metal Spica Splint NON-SWEAT by 4Dflexisport - the ultimate in hypoallergenic non-rash comfort. Reversible left or right one-easy-size fit. UNISEX.:Priorcastleinnvictoria

4DflexiSPORT® Published in October 17, 2018, 6:21 pm
 Thumb Support (SINGLE) Metal Spica Splint NON-SWEAT by 4Dflexisport - the ultimate in hypoallergenic non-rash comfort. Reversible left or right one-easy-size fit. UNISEX.:Priorcastleinnvictoria

Thumb Support (SINGLE) Metal Spica Splint NON-SWEAT by 4Dflexisport - the ultimate in hypoallergenic non-rash comfort. Reversible left or right one-easy-size fit. UNISEX.:Priorcastleinnvictoria

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Xenophon. Reply to on 1 April 2016
I have developed De Quervein's in my left thumb,and decided to try this support, after reading the encouraging reviews,(which were most helpful.)
I thought that I had nothing to loose,if this support was half as useful for me.
Having now given it a thorough testing,I can confirm that it is excellent,and that the other reviewers were
not exaggerating it's effectiveness.
My injury clears after a few days of wearing the support,and prevents further painful injury,during recovery.
Once recovered,I can wear the support at the Gym, when using the "fixed weights"machines,and cross trainer etc. I have not tested the support against heavy "free weights",as I feel that this is expecting too much,but I am delighted that I can now resume my fitness training with this slight modification.
I have a small wrist and hands ,and it is fairly easy to locate the splint correctly,and tighten the thumb,and wrist straps to give a firm,but comfortable support.( experiment with the possible adjustment pressures,and positions until you get it right for your hand size)
This is a tough,and well made item,which should give long service,and is vastly superior to others that I
have tried( some are practically useless,and the NHS version is unfortunately a rather primitive and ugly bit of kit,)
If you suffer from this problem,I am convinced that this highly professional Company have come up with
a real winner here.

Update 16th June 2016.

Thanks to this support my thumb problem seems to have cleared up entirely.
Am keeping it as a stand by in my Gym bag,but have had no problems without it on during Gym
Work outs over the last two weeks.
A great item that I can thoroughly recommend.
Bigtoner Reply to on 8 June 2017
I need a support for trigger thumb. I bought three different supports as I have have long fingers and thumbs and as they are one size fits all wanted one that immobilises the thumb. On the most expensive one I bought (made by Mueller) I found the thumb support too short - whatever adjustment I make to the straps it comes below my thumb joint so does not stop the thumb bending. This product, the lighter weight FlexiSport which is also one size has a firm metal splint and immobilises the joint. I also find it better when doing something involving water as it is relatively easy to fit a rubber glove over this whereas they will not go or tears and split with the others. Best of the bunch
chocolate Reply to on 19 January 2017
I was very impressed with this. I did pay more than I normally would but it has worked brill and well worth the money. I have problems with my thumb every now and again. I'm 35 years old and work in care. I ordered this and went and spoke to my GP. He said it would be a good idea. To wear it when needed and then take off when home and do thumb movements, to keep it moving. I wear it when i have troubles at work, it gives great support, as it has a metal bar running a long the top, which keeps everything straight. I can still move the other fingers, so I can still work and use my hand but it just supports where needed. I then take off and move hand around at home and then the next day, I'm fine. It wont cure you but it gives great relief. If you just want some help along the way, this is great.
Littlenix Reply to on 11 August 2017
Sadly, nowhere near as good as I had anticipated having read the reviews. I have suddenly developed trigger thumb over the last couple of months with my thumb stuck straight, which is incredibly debilitating not to mention phenomenally painful if I accidentally bend it.
The metal bar along the thumb is not long enough as it reaches to my knuckle joint and I have to Velcro above it so tightly to try to keep it straight I start to lose sensation, plus the stitching has started coming undone along the seam on the metal bar cover and I only received it two days ago!
When you first put it on it does hold in place but I wore it whilst typing a long document but ended up taking it off as it moved around and was incredibly annoying. The pictures show people doing normal things like holding cups - it might look like that if I've just put it on but after doing something like actually making the drink, the thumb strap would have moved and there is no way I could hold a cup normally.
There is absolutely no way I could have used this when I did Pilates today because of the metal bar so not sure why it has.a 'flexi sport' tag on it?
The affected thumb is on my right hand so I really to have problems going up the velcro wrist strap with my left hand, probably added to because I have rheumatoid arthritis and struggle with things like that - perhaps a little tag and a Velcro patch on the flap that goes under might help.
As I said, it's ok but not great. I will have to buy something better and this will be returned
Flutter Grrrl
Flutter Grrrl Reply to on 19 September 2016
The product information read that I could use this for my De Quervains Tenosynovitis and other reviewers said it worked for them for the same ailment. Personally, I found to be of no use at all.

Upon fitting the support to my left hand, I found I could still move my thumb and wrist in every direction, with probably 90% full mobility. I wondered if I was fitting it wrong, but I had followed the directions exactly. Out of interest, I tried it on my right hand and it seemed to have a greater, but not perfect effect.

I am currently using a full wrist and thumb support that is bulky and sweaty, with a metal rod that pushes into my thumb causing a bruise, so I was really looking forward to swapping to this. Unfortunately, I will be returning it.
Rob Reply to on 1 December 2016
My hands are 8" tip of finger to heel of palm. My thumb is 5" long. I found this support a bit small, with careful shaping of the metal splint inside it did the job, but I think that was by virtue of catching he condition early, rather than the effectiveness of the support. Needs a bigger size.
P. Brown
P. Brown Reply to on 7 May 2016
Having arthritis in my thumbs is a pain. This reversible spica is not that good for me. Namely it is best suited for the right hand as the fastening then can go over the wrist to close and keep the tension - just like applying a bandage correctly. On the left hand the closing comes under the wrist which results in the spica not maintaining the support. Overall I am disappointed and will not be buying a reversible support again.
🌟Jen🌟 Reply to on 22 July 2015
Great product arrived exeptionally fast. The fabric is like nothing I have ever seen, it was devised by this company for the specific purpose of being against the skin. It is soft, comfortable and yet strong and highly supportive. I would recommend this and any of the other products from their range for those of us who need them. If you're looking for a great supportive thumb splint, this is the one you want.
Monkey Reply to on 12 October 2016
Not the best, I ordered 2 on advice of my physio as I had dislocated my thumb ... this one was sweaty and it was a bit itchy.

I could just be me... however the fitting of it was comfy enough and the splint was sturdy. However I preferred the other one I bought.

I did wear both on and off for 2 weeks as I was afraid of allergies if I wore one for too many days.

Also comfortable to sleep in.
j4zm1n Reply to on 24 November 2015
It truly supports my thumb when my arthritis is particularly painful, so that I am able to do the more mundane chores around the house. Only wish it was waterproof as well so that I could use whilst washing the dishes! Fits firmly and comfortably around thumb and wrist. Encased metal splint prevents your thumb from over extending and causing severe pain. Takes a while to get used to it, but definitely beneficial.
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