Priorcastleinnvictoria Customer reviews Trixie TX2 Automatic Food Dispenser, 300 ml/ 27 × 7 × 24 cm, Granite/ Black:Priorcastleinnvictoria
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Customer reviews Trixie TX2 Automatic Food Dispenser, 300 ml/ 27 × 7 × 24 cm, Granite/ Black:Priorcastleinnvictoria

Trixie Published in October 17, 2018, 7:02 pm
Customer reviews Trixie TX2 Automatic Food Dispenser, 300 ml/ 27 × 7 × 24 cm, Granite/ Black:Priorcastleinnvictoria

Customer reviews Trixie TX2 Automatic Food Dispenser, 300 ml/ 27 × 7 × 24 cm, Granite/ Black:Priorcastleinnvictoria

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melanie Reply to on 4 October 2017
Due to my boy not being able to eat comfortably with my dogs prowling I decided to buy 2 and place them in the living room as we have a gate up and it's a dog free room. He's very happy with these as they give a happy feeding schedule while I'm at work as well as his human company when I'm home. Now I'm figuring out which cuddles are for food and which are just cuddles. Hahahaha. I have also put a picture up of him waiting for his morning box to open.
miss ke webster-brown
miss ke webster-brown Reply to on 7 March 2018
Bought one of these after browsing through loads of different options and reading a lot of mixed reviews. Our cat is always ravenous and we were concerned he'd be able to break in early, but he had no such success.

This is sturdy, simple to use and has never let us down. This is actually the second one we bought after great success with the first, so that we could leave our cat with 4 meals for when we have 2 nights away, as the timer allows you to set it up to 48h.

Once you've inserted the battery you can check that the timer is working by listening for the ticking noise. We tend to take the battery out when out of use.

The ice packs are handy, sounds obvious but just make sure you freeze them flat, otherwise the lid won't close! And be sure to turn the timer anti-clockwise;)
CLAIRE FISHER Reply to on 15 March 2017
I purchased this for my cat as he wakes me early in the morning at the weekends, so I got this in the hope it would satisfy him through the night, he is a nervous cat and thought he would be wary of it, but he used it straight away. I have 1 problem with it, you can't turn it off, the timer is constantly going all the time, even when the food has been dispensed it doesn't knock the timer off!!!!!!when not in use you have to take the batteries out, but for the price it's ok.
katostrutton Reply to on 4 December 2017
Bought two of these so that we could leave our cats overnight and still get their food on time. We have never had an occasion where all four compartments open, and more recently we have had two occasions where none of them opened. The timers get to the right point but it is like they just won't do the last 'click' round to allow the lid to open. They have been binned. Spend a bit more on something you can rely upon!
S Fitz
S Fitz Reply to on 18 February 2017
Product timer works ok. The compartments don't seal airtight so not suitable for wet food at all. They put these blue freezer bag things in underneath the food compartments, both of which somehow burst and leaked into my cream carpet which now has a great big permanent blue stain! 🤦‍♀️
Wattsy Reply to on 7 June 2018
This timer is an updated version of a timer we bought some 30 years ago (which is still going strong, by the way). We got this one so that, when we're away for one night, both cats (who don't get on and therefore not a good idea to share timers) can each have their own feeding station. It has quite a loud "tick" but at least you know it's working. The only thing that would make it better (and why it's lost a point) is if the timers had on/off switch (as the old one does) as I have to take the batteries out between uses or the lids would pop up which makes storage awkward. But .... nice roomy dishes and it certainly does the job.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 31 May 2018
I bought this to give my dog dried dog food whilst I was at work... after a bit of sceptercism on his part he now recognises the sound when it opens and rushes to see whats inside. He is a food obsessed staffie that doesnt think twice about waking me up on a Sunday morning because he wants his breakfast... I now use this to give him his breakfast on a Sunday so I can stay in bed a little longer. Doesnt hold a great amount of food so may not be suitable for larger dogs or if you only feed once a day. Now if only I could find an automatic dog walker...
Tar811 Reply to on 22 May 2018
Purchased this product as my friend had one for her cat. It is a fiddly and basic product and you do have to work out the timings i.e. how many hours from now you want the cat to be fed. Also on several occasions the lids have got stuck and has left my cat without any food which is very disappointing. Also there is no on off switch so the product carries on ticking away when you’re not using it and uses batteries so I’d advise to remove batteries every time that you finish using this product. I like the ideas of the Freezer packs which keeps the food cool and the dishes are relatively large to fit in not only one sachet of food but also some dried biscuits or treats. Overall I would give this product 7.5 out of 10 okay value for money.
Riadsala Yaltnac
Riadsala Yaltnac Reply to on 1 August 2017
I have had absolutely no problems with this product. Manufacturing quality isn't superb and battery case covers are a little flimsy. Also, in this day and age, I don't think it would be too expensive to replace the mechanical timer with a digital option. But that aside, my cat gets fed when I'm away. I sometimes freeze his food too before I go to ensure extra "freshness".
AI Reply to on 19 March 2018
Our cats were able to prop this open with their jaws by biting onto the little inner food drawers’s lip and effectively override it. The revolving buttons that count the time back can literally be flipped open by a couple of determined cats, total waste of money. I will endeavour to return as it may be that it is a defective product.
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