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Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction
Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction Published in October 17, 2018, 6:48 pm
 We Are Volsung:Priorcastleinnvictoria

We Are Volsung:Priorcastleinnvictoria

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J. M. Gibbons
J. M. Gibbons Reply to on 2 July 2018
love this group . good price good album .
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 21 August 2017
Brought as gift for hubby he's very happy
Kirk lowe
Kirk lowe Reply to on 9 October 2016
If it aint broke don't fix it, z&m at its best.
AKB Reply to on 17 November 2014
great album
rockjock Reply to on 3 February 2011
I have to confess, despite being aware Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction have been making music all these years all I had in my collection was Tattooed Beat Messiah (TBM). So it was time to catch up. If like me TBM was the last time you heard ZMATLR then you'll be happy with this. Whatever they've done in between this is a return to the hayday of dirty biker rock, bone crushing riffs & sing along choruses.

This is where my problem lies. I downloaded this but was suprised to find the chorus of the first song, listed as We Ride used the words Stark Von Oben, the title of the second track. This went on with that 2nd tracks chorus singing We Are Volsung & so on. All the track titles are mixed up & don't relate to the track playing. Now Amazon are probably going to sort this & make my review look silly, but at the time of writing this is the case.

Anyway don't let that put you off, this is rock at its finest, if a little short for an album for this century.
M. Dyer
M. Dyer Reply to on 15 October 2010
You'll believe a middle aged man can rock! This record is a major return to the glory days of the Love Reaction after the slightly weak Rock Savage of a few years ago. Cobalt's guitar is on fire with the best Punk/Metal riffs flowing so naturally it's awe inspiring! "White Trash" could see Zod get his second by Alice Cooper, it's like prime "Killer" era Cooper. The Norse mythology inspired tracks; Stark Von Oben/We are Volsung/Tree Rider are wonderfully dark and will blow your speakers and your mind with their pagan beauty. If you ever loved The Love Reaction buy this, if you've never heard of them before buy this and fall in love with sleaze, as Zodiac says; "revolution baby, against the whole stinking world!!"
J.D Reply to on 13 October 2010
This album ROCKS!!!!!!

Zodiac snarls and growls, Cobalts guitar squeals and screams, Jack thunders a real mean bass, and as for The Cat....well that boy can play drums.

The sound is raw and heavy and simply sounds great. This is the best album ZMATLR have churned out for ages, every song is a winner and the only gripe would be that the album could do with a couple more songs on it as you just want more.

Put this on and turn the volume up high, this album needs to be played LOUD. The king of rock aint dead he's wide awake!!!
Mr. S. T. Hyett
Mr. S. T. Hyett Reply to on 25 January 2011
Great album....shorter than a dwarf caught in a cider press and not quite up to the standard of the glory days of Tattooed Beat Messiah or Hoodlum Thunder, but still an impressive return to form.

Much better production than on their albums of late too!

Good `ol dirty fun!
DeathOnTheCheap Reply to on 8 October 2010
this is the band's best album in years. all the songs are great. not one bad song on this album. Look forward to hearing these songs live soon.
UK Granny Annie
UK Granny Annie Reply to on 27 March 2014
I Cannot review this CD as I haven't heard it yet. I have, however, enjoyed their previous CD's and concerts.
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