Priorcastleinnvictoria Instant Hotlipz Lip Plumping Serum Fuller Thicker Soft Smooth Volumising Plumping Effect:Priorcastleinnvictoria
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Instant Hotlipz Lip Plumping Serum Fuller Thicker Soft Smooth Volumising Plumping Effect:Priorcastleinnvictoria

miss pouty
miss pouty Published in October 17, 2018, 7:21 pm
 Instant Hotlipz Lip Plumping Serum Fuller Thicker Soft Smooth Volumising Plumping Effect:Priorcastleinnvictoria

Instant Hotlipz Lip Plumping Serum Fuller Thicker Soft Smooth Volumising Plumping Effect:Priorcastleinnvictoria

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DesertDreams Reply to on 22 December 2016
Ouch! This stings, burns, irritates and makes lips SORE rather than plump. It does plump up the lips. Temporarily. Used it and after a week I had ugly red sores near my mouth. Not worth the hassle.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 4 February 2017
This product takes some getting used to, its not too bad when you apply on your lips but when you drink or eat it does burn your tongue even hours after. It does plump your lips up so does what it supposed to do.
Mrs. Judith C. Burt
Mrs. Judith C. Burt Reply to on 24 June 2017
Just burns the lip but I see no volume change at all.
sholmes Reply to on 3 September 2017
sorry found it tingled my lips but so far no different of making them fuller.cheers.
Susan Reply to on 16 November 2016
This Lip Plumping Serum came in a small cardboard box with some instructions on the front. Inside was a nice silver tube. When you open one side you will find an applicator. You have to twist the other end of the tube a few times to pump the serum and then you can apply it to your lips. It smells nice and minty.

You only need a little bit to feel the effect. What you get is a stinging sensation that will stay for 3-4 hours but in my case it was quite bearable. I think it varies individually depending on how sensitive your lips are. I have almost forgot about it after about 3 hours. But then it was my lunch time and I had a bowl of hot sup. Suddenly my lips started stinging again, and much more then I have applied the serum at first. I had to wipe my lips with a tissues and put on some lip balm. I've looked in the mirror and I have to say I was happy with a result. My lips were definitely fuller and plummer and I felt more attractive!

My verdict: it works but do not use it if you are not prepared to suffer a little bit, if you would like to be 100% comfortable. Beauty knows no pain! On the other hand for me it was not a problem! This is something I would recommend if you go out for a date but perhaps not for a business meeting. I am very pleased with this lip plumping serum and would recommend it to anyone who wants to make their lips fuller and plumper. It will sting though but you will survive it! And also remember that people sensitivity varies from person to person. I hope that you have found my review of this lip plumping serum helpful towards making a more informed decision. If you feel it was helpful, please could you click the "YES" button below this review. If you have any questions about the serum, please feel free to ask me.
She_said_101 Reply to on 20 November 2016
When this product is applied it absorbs and filled the existing fat cells in your lips. The more fat cells that you have the more plumping effect you will achieve. Typically, the bottom lip is fuller than the top lip. That is where you will see the greatest results. The more fat cells to absorb the product the fuller the results will be.
I personally have naturally thin lips. With age, they have become thinner. This is part of the normal ageing process. Upon application the results begin to appear instantly. Within 20 minutes you have reached the fullness that you are able to achieve. The results last for several hours before another application is required.
Warning: Stay Within Your Natural Lip Line!!!!! Apply With Great Precision! Irritation and an undesirable lip shape may occur. Practice at home before using to go out. Do not use it in the corners of your mouth -- that is a mistake. I highly suggest after applying to rub you lips together to massage them to work in the product for better results and further plumping. Do this several times over the course of the first 30 + minutes if possible. For me it made my natural lip color change to a nice blush color. So no lipstick required for me. There was a very slight tingle sensation on my lips that was not an issue nor uncomfortable.
I purchased this for two friends who were impressed with the enhancement of my lips. They adore it as I do. Their results varied from mine. One did not have any color change to the lips as I did and felt the need to add lipstick or gloss. The other did have more fullness given that she has more fat cells in her lips to enhance. I would suggest this product. As for me, they have a life long customer.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 1 January 2017
Awful!!! It stings and burns like hell, not only on my lips but also inside all of my mouth. Do not see any difference in my lips either !
lynnd Reply to on 19 April 2017
Awful. As soon as I applied this my lips burnt for at least 4 hours. Also burnt my tongue and throat!
Meesha Reply to on 3 December 2016
I keep getting sucked into these lip plumpers and I keep ending up disappointed. As I write this, my lips are tingling, and my tongue is now tingling, thanks to taking a drink of juice.

I thought the other reviewers were just overly sensitive to the taste, but they're not. Believe me. I'm having to drink with my mouth wide open, to avoid any more of that vile chemical taste getting into my mouth. I think this would also transfer if you kissed someone also, but I have not had the opportunity to test that. I wouldn't wish this taste on my worst enemy.

Plus, the application is horrible. I don't know if I was getting enough "serum" out, but I didn't want to overdo, so I only twisted it a couple of times. The applicator is very sharp at points, so when you're running it over your lips, it's scraping the skin at the same time.

I've not seen any noticeable difference in the size of my lips, so this is going in the bin, where it belongs.
L. Sullivan Moore
L. Sullivan Moore Reply to on 24 November 2016
I followed the instructions carefully and tested a little on my inner arm without any problems, in fact it barely tingled at all. Thinking that I was OK to go ahead and use on my lips I applied a thin layer to my bottom lip. Immediately I was hit by a taste of breathed in air through my open, stretched drying position lips. I tolerated this for 30 seconds, assuming it would go away once my lip was dry - it didn't! It is a horrific taste, my lip didn't just tingle - it felt like it was on fire! AND this stuff doesn't simply wash off and the taste remains long after it is dry. I tried using warm salt water to rinse my lips and mouth - that didn't work, I used non alcohol mouthwash and soaked my lips and swirled it in my mouth for a full minute before the horrid taste subdued. Definitely not a product I will use ever again.
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